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Join our Team!

If you passionate about photography and have the equipment to match, then add your details to our database!

When an event is lined up in your area, we will make contact with you to check your availability on the day. We pay a set rate for your services, and upload your photos as part of the Instapix event.

Your own event

We will gladly showcase your photos from an event that you have captured. The more the better! These are some guidelines:

  • We will have to check the photos to ensure compliance to our quality standards
  • No graphic, explicit photos, swimming costume photos or children under 13
  • Event rights; if another photographer or service provider has the rights or express consent to provide the photographic services for that event & on that day, we unfortunately cannot infringe on that right and therefore cannot publish or host your photos.
  • Multiple photographers per event; Multiple photographers will be combined in the single event, as subcategories thereof.
  • Upload your photos via a service like wetransfer.com  We process, watermark, tag etc before adding to the Instapix site.
  • A standard service fee is deducted from any sales generated of your photos prior to a payout.