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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I find my event

Simply select your event from the dropdown list under “EVENTS” or look for the “recent events” shortcut in the body of the home page.

Q2: How do I find my photos?

You can SEARCH using your racing bib number, or any other available search criteria shown in the search dropdown field.

Q3: What if my photo is not displayed?

It’s possible that your race number was not visible when your photo was taken. That means it can’t be found by our software. We’ve grouped all the un-identified photos together is a folder called “Race number obscured” within the event category folders. Browse through those photos. If you do see your photo, simply add it to your wish list or your cart.

Q4: How do I place an order?

It’s a simple shopping process!

  1. Search for your photos
  2. Tick the box on the top right of each photo that you like to add it to your shopping cart.
  3. Do this for any other event that you want to add to your basket.
  4. When you’re ready to finish up, click on your shopping cart on the top right of the screen. All your chosen photos will now be displayed.
  5. Now you can choose what you would like to order; Prints or Digital downloads.
  6. Now you will need to Check Out. Your details are required for us to keep a record of your order, and for you to check back at any time on your order.
  7. The last step is the payment. There are numerous payment options available to you.
  8. Done! You will now receive an email with your order details for easy downloading.

Q5: How do I pay?

We’ve set up a few easy to use options:

  1. By Credit Card. Simple & secure. We utilize the trusted PayFast portal. Your order is released immediately on processing.
  2. By Zapper. Simply scan the order unique barcode. Your order will be released immediately.
  3. By SnapScan.  Simply scan the order unique barcode. Your order will be released immediately.
  4. By Direct Bank Deposit. When you complete your order, you will receive an email with your order reference details as well as our banking details. Do a bank deposit at your convenience quoting your reference number. As soon as the fund reflect on our bank statement (1-2 days), your order is released.

Q6: Can I add photos from other events to my order?

Absolutely! Browse through all the events & search for your photos with the possible search criteria. Just add them to your Shopping Basket or your Wish List. As you move through the different events, your cart content remains in place.  

Q7: Is my order a print or a download?

When you check out, simply select what you want. Choose either “ Digital download” “Standard Print” “Jumbo Print” “A4 Print” “ Hi-Res Download” or any combination of these.

Q8: When will I receive my order after my payment is done?

When you pay by Credit Card, Zapper or SnapScan, the order is released immediately. If you’ve selected to get Digital Downloads, you will get a system email within minutes, allowing you to click & download your photos.

If you elected to do an EFT, the order will be released once the payment reflects in our Bank account.

For Print orders, the postal option can take around three weeks, while the courier option normally takes 2-7 days. We have no control over postal items and cannot track it. Courier items are a lot more secure & allow for live tracking & estimated delivery dates.

If you selected the Hi-Res photo download, this will take around 3 days from receipt of payment. This is because the Hi-Res photos are not stored on the server & have to be obtained from our Hard Drive locations.

Q9: How big is a printed photo & what is the print quality like?

There are three print sizes available

  1. 10 x 15
  2. 15 x 20
  3. A4

We print our photos on high quality gloss photo paper using Dye Sublimation print technology. No fading wet inks or domestic paper.

Q10: How big is a digital photo?

Our jpg downloads are between 1 & 1.8MP in size. The dimensions are 1400x2100 pixels in Portrait, and 2100x1400 pixels in Landscape. The size is ideal for desktop displays as well as mobile devices & social media sharing. For home printing that could be up to A4 (3” x 8”) in size, but is resolution dependant

The Hi-Res option is the original photo resolution at the time of capture. This could be between 4.5 – 7MP.

Q11: How do I download my order?

After you place your order & process the payment, the website will send you an email with a link for each photo you ordered. Simply click on that link and your photo will download to your PC or Mobile device.

Q12: Why do you need my email address & my shipping details?

We need your email address so send you the order confirmation and the download instruction.

Shipping details are required if you have selected a Print in order to send you the order.

Q13: Will I also get a printed photo if I order the electronic download?

No. Digital products give you the freedom to print photos at your convenience as often as you wish

Q14: What can I do if my order does not arrive?

Go to the “Contact Us” on our website and click on Contact Us. In order to help you, we will need as much information as possible about your order,  such as the event name, date you placed the order, the method of payment, the email address you used and any other information to help us locate your order.

Q15: Can I upload my photos to my Social Media site?

Yes, once you’ve downloaded your photos, you can save & share to Facebook & Twitter. The more the better!

Q16: What is your Refund policy?

Please click on the link at the footer of our web site for detailed information.

Q17: What is your Privacy policy?

Please click on the link at the footer of our web site for detailed information.